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Dumping Day!

2014-07-20 19:14:56 by R3SP4WN

Hey NG!

I've been working on two pieces simultaneously and started a new one last night out of boredom.

I am uploading their current progress as-is to NG right now, the new one is simply a glorified melody.

Hope you all enjoy! 

Or at least don't throw banana peels at me for the lack of substance in the brand new piece I began last night.

Never Give In is almost done!

2014-01-03 17:27:23 by R3SP4WN

Finally stepping up and finishing this piece that I've pushed aside for a few weeks!

The WIP can be found here for anyone who hasn't listened to it yet:

Probably my best work to date!

Two pieces coming!

2013-11-30 12:38:49 by R3SP4WN

I have two pieces on the way, neither of which I've uploaded WIPs for; got bored of Flatline and scrapped it.
Both of the two pieces that are on their ways have interesting, healthy piano solos that I'm quite proud of and I think that one of the pieces that I'm working on is a departure from what I've done recently.

Hope you all enjoy them when I'm done with them!